World Lymphedema Day

March 6, 2021


Lymphedema is a serious condition that can result in swelling, reduced energy, loss of mobility and ultimately depression. Healthy-Steps can reduce many of the symptoms of Lymphedema by reducing fluid build-up in effected tissues, leaving participants with improved mobility, increased energy and a more positive attitude.

A healthy lymphatic system is essential for immune response and disease resistance. Fluid that is forced out of the blood stream during normal circulation is filtered through lymphatic system to remove bacteria and other matter. Unlike the circulatory system which has a pump (the heart) to move its contents, the lymphatic system moves by inertia.

By focusing on the areas of the body with the largest lymphatic collection sites, and opening lymphatic “drains”, Healthy-Steps opens up the lymphatic system, and reduces lymphatic fluid build-up through gentle, rhythmic movements and deep breathing. Healthy-Steps works in conjunction with compression garments, increasing their effectiveness. If you are one of the estimated 2.5 Million people suffering from Lymphedema, Healthy-Steps is here to help.

"I do not think I can thank you enough. It is fun, and the exercises help my Lymphedema enormously, and I no longer feel pain nor numbness in my arms, hands, and back. With sincerest thanks to what you and your group have done for us suffering with Lymphedema.”