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Volume 5, January 2011
Created by Tiffani Brown, Office Administrator
Edited by Susan Picatti, CAO
Preventing Strategies for Osteoperosis
Lonlieness is Bad for your Health
To Best Fight Cancer, New Guidelines Urge Exercise
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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and I am delighted to find your videos!  Your manner is encouraging and the exercises are just right for me, as my right shoulder/upper back is incredibly painful. 
Thank you so much!!


It is so incredibly good and kind of you to post your videos here.  Very useful information, most helpful, thank you!


Thank you so much, I have been in pain for 6 months and got diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.  I found your video and started doing the exercises and this morning my shoulder felt MUCH better than it has in about a month!  Thank you so much!


Okay, I just loved this!  Thanks for a great video.  Challenging but with plenty of reminders not to push it.  The music was fun without being annoying.  I am doing these each day, Thank you!


Thank you so much for these videos.  I have to show my Mom this, she suffers from early stages of Frozen Shoulder and it breaks my heart to see her crying because if her unbearable pain.  I look forward to showing these videos to her.

hands up

I have Lipoedemia and Lymphadema over most of my body, it is a very difficult condition to treat.  Things I have learned through your videos have made such an amazing difference to my health, well-being and vitality.  My health is improving dramatically,  Thank you so very much!

Throwing Balls

Hi, I am sitting here in Stockholm liking everything you have put here on YouTube.  I like the movements and you make it very easy to understand!

Hello Healthy-Steppers,  Sherry

This is the time of the year we are welcoming the New Year and all it has to offer us.  But soon enough our New Year's resolutions will be staring us in the face; to be healthier, have more energy, lose a little weight and take time for ourselves.  That sounds like the Healthy-Steps program! 

Take a few moments to find a class near you by clicking www.lebedmethod.com/classes!  Join them now!  Visit our store and purchase one of our three DVD'S.  Or how about sharing Healthy-Steps as a New Year's (or Valentine's) gift for someone you love - give them a DVD or take them with you to class.  Give them the gift of 'health'.  Do it today, don't wait!

Enjoy our new Recipe in this newsletter and please send us one of your favorites at:


We hope you will enjoy our newsletter and all it has to offer. Let us know your thoughts about it, what you would like to see more of this year, or less of.  And please share your Healthy-Steps experiences with us.  Many of them we share in our newsletter or on our website.  Just send your stories to Tiffani Brown at info@lebedmethod.com


Have a wonderful 2011 whatever you do, stay healthy and happy. 

Yours in health,

Sherry Lebed Davis

Prevention Strategies for Osteoporosis
  • Correct or eliminate unhealthy habits, such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake.
  • Ensure adequate calcium intake. Men younger than 50 years need 1,000mg of calcium daily: men aged 50 or older need 1,200mg of calcium daily.
  • Ensure adequate vitamin D intake. Men younger than 50 years need 400-800 IU of vitamin D daily: men aged 50 or older need 800-1,000 IU of vitamin D daily. Both types of vitamin D supplements (D2 and D3) are necessary for bone health.
  • Increase activity and engage in a regular regimen of weight-bearing exercises in which bone and muscles work against gravity.
Healthy-Steps classes combine slow movements with slight resistance, a great combination for helping to prevent Osteoporosis.  Find a class near you at:  www.lebedmehtod.com/classes

Lonlieness is Bad for Your Health

Two University of Chicago psychologists have been trying to disentangle social isolation, loneliness, and the physical deterioration and diseases of aging, right down to the cellular level. The researchers suspected that although the toll of loneliness may be mild and unremarkable in early life, it accumulates with time. To test this idea, the scientist studied a group of college-age individuals and a group of older adults. Their findings, reported in the August issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, are revealing. Consider stress, for example. The more years you live, the more stressful experiences you are going to have: new jobs, marriage and divorce, parenting, financial worries, illness. It's inevitable.  Not surprisingly, the lonelier people reported more daytime dysfunction. Since sleep tends to deteriorate with age anyway, the added hit from loneliness is probably compromising this natural restoration process even more. Loneliness is not the same as solitude. Some people are just fine with being alone, and some even see solitude as an important path for spiritual growth. But for many, social isolation and physical aging make for a toxic cocktail. Healthy-Steps program shows to 'improve the Quality of Life' for participants and our social interaction during our program and group 'togetherness' relieves loneliness.

This summary was adapted from a press release issued by the Association of Psychological Science.  Join a Healthy-Steps class near you today! It provides a great group atmosphere and social contact.

Healthy-Steps classes are a great place to get group activity and support in a fun and energetic environment. 
Find a class near you at:

To Best Fight Cancer, New Guidelines Urge Exercise
People undergoing cancer treatment traditionally have been told to rest as much as possible and avoid exertion, to save all their strength to battle the dreaded disease.  But a growing number of physicians and researchers now say that people who remain physically active as best they can during treatment are more likely to beat cancer.  The positive evidence for exercise during and after cancer treatment has piled so high that an American College of Sports Medicine panel is revising the group's national guidelines regarding exercise recommended for cancer survivors.  The panel's conclusion:  Cancer patients and survivors should strive to get the same amount of exercise recommended for everyone else, about 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.  Resistance training and stretching also are recommended. 

To read the full article please visit:  www.nlm.hih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory
(this news item will not be available after 2/3/2011)

Stay strong and exercise at your own pace by finding a Healthy-Steps class near you!

Recipe Corner:   Worlds Easiest Crustless Quiche
1/2 C. Bisquick                       1 & 1/2 C Milk
3 eggs, beaten                       1/4 C. melted butter
1/4 C. chopped onion              1 potato peeled, shredded
1/2 C. frozen broccoli              dash of salt & pepper
1 cup diced ham OR flaked smoked salmon

1 cup parmesan cheese for top

Preheat oven to 350.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Spray a 10-12 inch pie pan with non-stick spray.  Pour mixture into bowl.  Top with cheese.  Bake for 1 hour.  Viola! 


Article from Health Magazine 2010
It's completely OK if you need it to pry your eyes open in the a.m. A wealth of research suggests that coffee doesn't just pick you up, it fights heart disease and some cancers, and it may even help you push through harder, longer workouts.  Moderate coffee drinking in the middle age has been associated with lower risks for dementia and Alzheimer's.  And a 2009 review of more than four decades of research found that for every additional cup of coffee you drink each day, high octane or decaf, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes shrinks by 7%.  Possibly because chemicals in the beverage improve your body's insulin sensitivity and increase metabolism. Enjoy up to two cups a day, more than that may leave you jittery or rob you of that precious number one pleasure......sleep!
Message from AmoenaAmoena logo

Hello to All Healthy Steps Family!

We are very proud and so excited to announce to you our new sponsor: Amoena the leader in Breast form Prosthetics and a wonderful addition to the Lebed Method. You will be receiving their fabulous magazine which we would like for you to look at, read, and see if you would like to order more to give out to your class members.  If so, please email us and we will have packets sent you for distribution.  They contain great information for you, your classes and patients.  Another wonderful thing about Amoena is their informational Breast Cancer website: TheBreastCareSite.com, please visit this site and see what I mean, it is awesome! 
Who is Amoena?
Amoena is a Latin word meaning "The Beautiful the Lovely"
Amoena is the world wide leader in post-breast surgery products.  They have been leaders in breast form innovation for over 30 years, designing products to fulfill the ever-changing needs of women after breast surgery.
Amoena's mission is to provide a better quality of life for women following breast surgery by fulfilling their need for femininity, to restore a positive body image and renew confidence and self-esteem. Their innovative products help restore balance, symmetry and confidence after any type of breast surgery.

Amoena's product line includes breast forms for mastectomy, partial shapers for lumpectomy or reconstruction, intimate apparel and swimwear; all specially designed to hold a breast form or symmetry shaper in place.
The product line also includes an innovative post surgical camisole with drain management properties. It is designed to help the patient feel more comfortable, confident and secure when leaving the hospital and for the first weeks after breast surgery.

For great articles for you to read:


Message from JuzoJuzo logo

Dedicated to Lymphedema Education, Prevention and Management
"One day I awoke and my arm and hand were swollen. I thought I would just elevate it for a while and the swelling would subside. Days later and much to my frustration, nothing happened. Little did I know this was not going to be temporary.  What was I going to do?"

Unfortunately the story of unawareness and uncertainty for Lymphedema patients is common.
Lymphedema occurs when your lymph vessels are unable to adequately drain lymph fluid. If you or someone you know has these symptoms with early diagnosis this disorder can be managed with proper medical care and lifestyle adjustments.
Juzo and Healthy Steps are partners dedicated to educating and helping patients on the prevention and management of Lymphedema. For over 100 years our family company has manufactured compression therapy garments-for patients with stories like above. Our products help restore the freedom to maintain active lifestyles, and make day-to-day living more enjoyable. We offer patients with Lymphedema a full range of arm sleeves and gauntlets in a variety of styles and colors.


For more information about Juzo products, go to www.juzousa.com or www.mylymphedema.com


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