“I'm writing to you because of the Lebed Method and what it has done for me. After my bad reaction to the radiation, I could barely move my upper torso and ended up with frozen shoulders. I started attending the classes - The Lebed Method: Focus on Healing - that The Cancer Center of Riverside offers when I realized I had a problem. I now have full range of motion of both shoulders. Almost as important - if not MORE important - as the physical advantages of the classes is the sisterhood I now have with everyone who goes to them. I wish I would have gone during my treatments. The love and support I receive from my "sisters" - women who have gone through and are going through what I have experienced - has helped me face Breast Cancer with dignity and a SMILE! The nurses and my sisters are my weekly "backbone" to cope with this disease. I can't leave the classes without a smile and an all around good feeling - not the least of which is that I am doing something physical and mentally that is PERFECT for me. Unlike going to a gym, the Lebed Method focuses on mending for ME!”

- Trudi Jubb

“Just thought I would share my little triumph with you. I began training on the 1st and 2nd December, and during the week following I practised daily the opening lymphatic exercises, sometimes twice a day, and on the following Friday, the 7th December, I opened my bra while undressing, without thinking. I had actually put my hands round and unhooked it from the back. This was the first time I had been able to do so since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last April. Sounds like a small thing but to me it was a giant leap forward. I passed my exam on the 8th December, 2007 and I can still unhook it by myself.”

- Elizabeth


“Because I had so many lymph nodes removed due to the cancer treatment I did some research on what type of exercise might be appropriate. I came across the Lebed Method and thought it would be helpful, but couldn't imagine anyone in the area would be offering it. Lo and behold within a couple weeks I found out about Lily's yoga class that incorporates the Lebed method! I have been to weekly classes and have found them quite wonderful. My hustle/bustle life glides to a serene stop in Lily's class. Her positive spirit (and the fun music) infuses the class with quiet energy. I highly recommend this experience to other women looking for gentle stretching in a healing environment. Two thumbs up!"

- Fran C.


“I truly have made wonderful strides in my ability to move my arms that I thought I had lost from my multiple surgeries. Yes, you made me stretch things that hadn't moved in years. Actually , you only showed me how to do the exercises but made the experience so that it was one that I wanted to keep coming back to reinforce the gains I was making. The program is just amazing but your so very positive outlook and praise is what makes the Lebed program successful. We all need that very positive loving concern you give as well as the method to strengthen our bodies and our minds.”

- Lorraine S.


“When I had my mastectomy nobody mentioned the other problems that could ensue. I understand that the biggest concern is the return of cancer but while I never had the problem of Lymphedema I did suffer from dropped shoulder and curved back. It wasn't until I learned of Lebed exercises that I realized I could correct this problem and at the same time bolster my self esteem. Without this knowledge who knows what my posture would have ended up like. ”

- Marg


“This program has been a great discovery for me in dealing with chronic illness-Lupis and Fibro. ”

- K.R


“I have enjoyed so much your exercise program. I've had open heart surgery and breast cancer surgery within 7 months of each other last year. This program has made me feel like I am going to make it. My attitude and my outlook on life have improved 100%. Thanks so much”

- B. C.


“I am a Cushings Syndrome Survivor. This method has been wonderful! Please, if you could alert the Cushing Foundation about this, maybe others could learn about this and feel better too. ”

- L. P.


“Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed attending the Lebed classes taught by Claudia. I have M.S. and can really notice a difference in flexibility, stress reduction and mood. ”

- Kathleen


“First of all, I want to express my appreciation to those responsible for having created this wonderful program. Most of us who attend are seniors with chronic health conditions and/or cancer survivors with a low level of energy and endurance. The benefits we receive from the class are enormous!! Personally, since joining the class, I have experienced more mobility, an increase of energy, a reduction of pain and a general feeling of well being. ”

- Lucienne W.


“The Focus On Healing class has given me a vehicle to move my body and re-discover my physical self. This class has patience (and chairs to lean on) and gives me the opportunity to listen to my body and understand how it reacts to each movement. Focus On Healing is a source of pleasure and joy via awesome music for us to move to and the instructor's personal spirit that is conveyed to each and every one of us. This class has turned out to be a new beginning for me and I cherish new beginnings! Thank You!! ”

- Pamela C.



“As a survivor herself, Sherry makes a real connection with the patients and can identify with their physical limitations as well as their emotional needs. Focus on Healing is a great program, not only for its physical benefits but also because it can be modified to accommodate all patients and fitness levels.”

- Tammy E. Mondry, Physical Therapist, United States Naval Hospital, San Diego, California


“I absolutely agree with you that it is critical for women to start moving right away post-op and that they continue moving if they are going to maintain their mobility and decrease Lymphedema. I encourage you with your work and I think this type of approach will make a big difference in the quality of life of women after breast cancer.”

- Susan M. Love, MD, Author of Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book


“Healthy-Steps is the ultimate method to incorporate the essential component of decongestive therapeutic exercises into the treatment protocol for Lymphedema. The exercises are gentle enough that anyone can do them, they can be performed sitting or standing, and the best part is that Healthy-Steps is done to music which makes it so much FUN! Your patients will be having so much fun they won't even know they're exercising! I have already begun incorporating Healthy-Steps into my CDT treatments, have gotten fantastic results and lots of smiles from my patients! I am so glad that I discovered Sherry and Healthy-Steps. ”

- Cathy Kleinman-Barnett, MOTR/L, CLT-LANA, LMT, CLM


“Focus on Healing is a creative therapeutic exercise program that helps reduce the common side effects of treatment and surgery for breast cancer patients. It is a part of a nationwide program started by a breast cancer survivor that addresses the two complications most often experienced by breast cancer patients: frozen shoulder, which is a surgical complication, and Lymphedema. Both of these complications result in a decreased range of motion in the upper body. We have found that the Focus on Healing classes prevent or minimize this loss of mobility.”

- Simone R. Zappa, MBA, RN, Program Director and Administrator of the Integrative Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City


 “An excellent, long overdue exercise tool for people with or without Lymphedema after breast surgery.”

- Saskia R.J. Thaidens, Executive Director/Founder, National Lymphedema Network


“It is so important for survivors to embrace their femininity, and this program offers the opportunity for women to feel attractive again.”

- Sandra Saffle, National Prosthesis Coordinator for Nordstrom


“Focus on Healing can greatly benefit women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer.”

- Karen Stronach, Manager University of California San Francisco Stanford Health Care Ida and Joseph Friend Cancer Research Center


 “Sherry Lebed Davis is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. She also happens to be a dancer and a breast cancer survivor. All of these traits have been well utilized in the development of Focus on Healing; a wellness program for breast cancer survivors designed to improve physical and mental well being. Focus on Healing helps patients improve their balance, strength, range of motion, and flexibility, and also empowers them to participate in their healthcare, decreases fatigue, and improves self-image. The program is fun and the movements are done to music-incorporating stretching and strengthening.”

- Debby Morgan, Physical Therapist, Memorial Hospital, Yakima Washington


 Just a short note to let you know that your Healthy-Steps Senior Class has helped with stretching, balance, and strength.  Upon starting the class, about 6 weeks ago, I looked around at the physical level of the group, and thought, I can do this.  It is remarkable to witness all of us succeeding at exercising.  The class is a lot of fun, and I am getting stronger.  Thank you

Julie Y in Virginia


I have RA and I find that the Healthy Steps exercise routines are very beneficial for my joints and help to keep them moving. The exercises are easy to follow and are fun to do! The exercises I learn in class can be done almost anywhere: at home, in the car, train or plane. They can also be done while talking on the phone. I found the exercises to be very helpful after I had total knee replacement surgery. After completing my PT program, I have continued to participate in this class to keep my joints healthy and limber. I highly recommend the program.

- Roger

 This class has helped my shoulder that has been stiff since my stroke.  It has more range of motion.


I have COPD.  The deep breathing exercises have allowed me to breathe easier.


I have more energy after doing the exercise.  After the class I go home and clean house.


I am able to do these exercises at home and feel stronger


I usually gain 10 pounds in the winter.  I was able to maintain my weight this past winter by doing these exercises.


I am building muscle and can see definition in my arms.


I have more energy and can mow my lawn in one day instead of two.


I have been sleeping better since starting this exercise program.