Instructor Testimonials


"I have had a fabulous time learning this fantastic method of incorporating dance, music and exercise as a means of recovery or as a means of maintaining fitness at a level every person can manage. I have never seen anything like it. I am grateful for the time that was spent with us, and the encouragement received because it does take a lot to step out of the box once in a while and try something new in front of others. Let us all take that concept and remember it every time someone steps into our classroom for the first time, and every time after that. Each class is a new beginning for someone. "

- Michelle G. OTR/L, CLT-LANA


"Thank you for creating Healthy-Steps. The day I returned to work from the training I did an initial evaluation on a post Mastectomy woman with pain and decreased Range of Motion in her arm. For my first treatment I had her do the swim step, the supreme's and showgirl, after the Lymphatic Opening. She smiled and loved the session. I was excited to try some things I learned and feel very encouraged to get a group going. "

- Baylor Medical Center


"My class was a big hit with the Wellness Community Organization. We had 16 women and there was an older woman who had been through 3 battles with cancer and thought she could not exercise because previous attempts at other programs were too difficult, and she said her experience with TLM was like re-finding herself. At the class closing session of the class there were some tears of gratitude and release. We hope to begin another class shortly. "

- BW


"I had the honor of attending the Focus on Healing Workshop and became a Certified Lebed Method Instructor for Adults and Children. I look forward to introducing Healthy-Steps to our patients very shortly. I truly believe this program will not only touch their hearts, but also will provide a fun and safe environment for them to exercise, find friendship and support with other survivors."

- Tamie Vasquez


"Just wanted to let you know who and what helped me through my cancer treatment. I am a Lebed Method Instructor and love teaching the program and bringing it to those who need this the most. Since my recent diagnosis of breast cancer, this past year, I learned full well that friends, family and the exercises in the Lebed Method got me physically, emotionally and spiritually back to health and my full life again. "

- Diane, RN, CLMC


"The Focus On Healing class that EpiCenter offers has given me a vehicle to move my body and re-discover my physical self. Focus On Healing is a source of pleasure and joy via awesome music for us to move to and the instructor's (Claudia) personal spirit that is conveyed to each and every one of us. This class has turned out to be a new beginning for me and I cherish new beginnings! I am deeply appreciative to EpiCenter for offering this extraordinary, effective, valuable and beneficial course! "

- Pamela C.


"I am continuing to do the LE opening with my MS Aquatics class and everyone likes it, especially one woman, who suffers from lower extremity LE. She has more range of motion after we do the LE and is thrilled. So am I!"

- E. V.


"I feel very proud of The Lebed Method and proud to belong to it. I appreciate all the support and hard work that Sherry and Dr. Lebed do in order to cover and update every single detail we can think of. You give us a sense of belonging, belonging to a professional team, belonging to a sisterhood, belonging to a better mankind which we have to enlarge."

- T. F. A


"It is a fun way to accomplish what I want my patients to do - facilitate the lymphatics to help reduce edema - with the added benefit of a support group in a very positive environment. Who knew you could have it all - and have fun doing it?!! Our treatments, Combined Decongestive Therapy, are very intense and demanding of the patients. Making the exercise portion of it enjoyable significantly increases the chances that they will be done. We started using the opening exercises on Monday right after our weekend course. Everybody loves it, from those in their 40's to 80 plus!! One lady even does it at home without the music! Getting folks excited about exercising and improving their health is important to me. Until now I just didn't have a great method to accomplish that. But NOW I DO!! "

- Kathy Fleming, PT, CLT-LANA, CLM, CLL


"Thank you, Sherry. What an amazing workshop. I am very impressed by the depth of the program and looking forward to my first class. My brain is still in "processing" mode. Funny, I will never listen to music the same way again. AND, I plan to take my daughter for Nordstroms for a bra fitting for her birthday!! Another thank you. "

- Jennifer W


"My patients are loving the lymph opening and getting good results quickly one lost 3 lbs in 2 days!"

- D. Wilson