Instructor Certification

Offering Healthy-Steps programs provides you the ability to improve the lives of people in your community while enhancing your current program offerings and creating an additional revenue stream.

Instructor certification includes technical training, as well as access to marketing resources and how-to guides, promotional materials and licensed merchandise. As a Healthy-Steps instructor, you'll also have access to a world-wide network of Healthy-Steps instructors, providing each other with guidance, expertise and encouragement.

Healthy-Steps Certification training program is offered as an intensive two or three day workshop. In this Certification Workshop you will learn:

  • How to lead the Healthy-Steps therapeutic exercise program
  • How to instruct and teach your clients
  • How to use seated exercise and why
  • The benefits of individual exercises and which muscles are used during each section of the program
  • The proper role of exercise for your client's physical and emotional well-being
  • How to regain and maintain Range of Motion through exercise
  • Methods to relieve frozen shoulder and gently stretch scar tissue
  • Understanding Lymphedema - Signs of Lymphedema, what to do, and who to refer to.
  • Exercises that work for Lymphedema and open your lymphatic system
  • Where you need to "stay in the box" and where you can be creative and expand the program
  • The program's history
  • Resist-a-Bands and exercises to do (and not to do)
  • Do's and don'ts of Healthy-Steps
  • When should your client begin and how to alter program as needed
  • Music and it's impact on recovery
  • How to make Healthy-Steps a success for you, your clients and your center
  • How to be an educator during your classes
  • When to refer to other health care professionals

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