How can I find a Healthy-Steps class in my area?

This site has recently been changed, so for the short term, from the website, fill out the email form. Be sure to give your zip code. In the near future, this info will be automatically given to you.

How do I register for a Healthy-Steps class?

You cannot register online for a class. You must contact the instructor. You should contact the instructor prior to going to the class.

Do you have programs for children?

Yes! The program is called Creative Rhythms, and it is based on the guidelines of the adult Healthy-Steps program. From the website, fill out the email form. Be sure to give your zip code.

Where can I see a sample of a Healthy-Steps Class?

Look for a class in your area or we have sample classes on DVD in the store for sale.

How do I contact Healthy-Steps?

Go to the contact tab and fill out the form. The question will be forwarded to the appropriate person. OR you call us toll-free at 844-99STEPS. FYI, the office is on the East Coast, USA. The trainers are scattered throughout the English speaking world.

Healthy Steps

Where can I find information about your company or program?

Click any of the tabs under the Resources & Links drop down on the navigation bar

What is the history of Healthy-Steps?

The program was developed in 1980 by Sherry (a professional dancer), Marc and Joel gynecological surgeons) Lebed to help their mother, Rita Lebed, have an active life after surviving cancer, but living with lymphedema. The results were so effective that her surgeon at Albert Einstein Center in Philadelphia PA began using the program as therapy (taught by Sherry), and did a study as to the results on his patients. The program grew. Sherry developed cancer in the 1990s, recovered but also suffered from the effects of lymphedema. She used the program and saw vast improvements, started training other instructors to become trainers to help grow the program. Dr. Marc Lebed oversaw the medical use of the program, serving as Medical Director. The program was found effective for all cancers that either surgery or radiation damaged or removed lymph nodes. Then it was found helpful for chronic conditions that were immune system oriented. Since one of those is arthritis, it became used and found helpful with older adults. The program is an international therapeutic program used throughout the English speaking world. The program was sold to BEV, LLC in July of 2014 owned by Bonnie Enyart Vermillion, who was completely trained by Sherry Lebed Davis. The current Medical Director is John MacDonald, MD, FACS.
The program was originally named Focus on Healing, then the Lebed Method, and in 2009 was renamed Healthy-Steps, moving you to better health with the Lebed Method.

Who is Sherry Lebed Davis?

Sherry is one of the foremost authorities on the use of movement for healing. She is co-founder and was Director/President of the Healthy-Steps/Lebed Method program until mid 2014.

Who is the current owner and director of the Healthy-Steps Program? Since July 2014, Bonnie Vermillion who was trained by Sherry Lebed David, under the business name of BEV, LLC is the owner and director of Healthy-Steps. More info about Bonnie can be found by Clicking Here

Who is the current Healthy-Steps Medical Director?

John M. Macdonald, MD, FACS. Questions for him can be channeled through the office.

Where do I find the Brochure on Healthy-Steps?

Contact the office from the email option on the website or call 844-99STEPS


Where can I find information on Lymphedema?

From the website, click on the Lymphedema tab.

Media and Articles

Where can I find medical information or studies on Healthy-Steps?

Go to the Studies and Research tab or Articles tab.

Resources and Links

Resources and Links

See links from multiple resources.


Do you have testimonials or references?

Testimonials for the program and the trainings are available online.


How can I become a Healthy-Steps instructor?

We have live trainings and online trainings. There is information on becoming an instructor in “Instructor Training” Once there click on ‘registration packet’. You can also call our office at 844-99steps or email the office using the contact form.

Do you have a Healthy-Steps calendar of your 3-day trainings?

Yes we have 2 and 3 day workshops for new instructors. They are listed under events on the website and there is a PDF calendar here.

Where can I find a 3 Day Registration packet?

Contact the office for a general 2-3 day registration packet or click here

Info for Instructors:

As a teacher, how do I log in?

Click on the instructors tab. Use the email you have furnished us and create your password.

Where can I find all the Articles and information as a Healthy-Steps Instructor?

Most of the studies and articles are available on the public site of the website. Look under Articles or Studies and Research.