Creative Rhythms

When children are sick, the first, and often only, thought is “how do we make them well again”. Often times we forget that wellness is not just about ridding the body of disease, it is about mental outlook, emotional well-being, and promoting overall physical health. Creative Rhythms provides an uplifting, empowering exercise and movement program for children, with a rejuvenating regimen of stretches and therapeutic movement that is fun to do!

Specially selected music, costumes and props help increase participation, and provide a lift that these children need. The camaraderie found in a Creative Rhythms class provides reassurance that they are not alone in their struggle.

The simple regimen found within Healthy-Steps’ Creative Rhythms program is tailored to relieve pain, restore flexibility, improve balance and overall physical conditioning, reduce swelling from Lymphedema, combat fatigue, and aid in emotional recovery.

As Davis writes, "Music and movement offer an experience of freedom, grace, and happiness. I believe that when we move we feel most alive, our hearts soar, and we reclaim ourselves. You're more than a survivor - you are a thriver! This is true with our children as well."